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A reference for you to view my work as a facilitator, speaker, and moderator.

Super inspirational!

Lake Tahoe Community College

EOP Conference Keynote Speaker

Caffeinated Group Coaching is coming!
September through October 

Did you know there's absolutely a vast amount of opportunity in group coaching?


You get more answers faster because your cohort will ask questions or provide ideas you might not have thought of. How? I will evoke stimulating conversation, community problem-solving, and resource sharing.


The difference between when I bring people together and when others do, is I help you forage genuine relationships. How? I will meet with every potential cohort member 1:1. Your time is valuable to me so I want to ensure every participant is a go-getter, community-centered, and enthusiastic to give back. No boring cohorts here. And the pressure to be social will not be on one person nor will one person take over the talking time.


Or your money back. My successful career groups have been positive since 2013 and I feel confident to guarantee you'll hit your goals. Why? I know how it is to decide what to invest in or not. I also know there's free groups available-I've joined them and I hear about them. And I promise you, I will surprise you. Best yet, you will surprise yourself.

Group Coaching

INVESTMENT: $1, 450 

🤔 Doing the math? Good for you! This is 35% off my original price point of $250/hour. The standard rate with a coach of my experience is typically $600+ per hour. And groups like this one can be up to 40k. Thanks for considering my family's financial needs while making your important investment decision.

Each virtual cohort will have:

  • 6x 1.5 hours sessions

  • 7 members in each cohort

  • Each member will be vetted for awesomeness

  • High impact worksheets

  • Guest speakers to address the needs of the group

  • 1, 1:1 session per member

Friends Smiling

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

Michael Jordan

Katherine on stage.

I'm known to execute compelling and engaging speaking engagements and workshops. I'm available in person, virtually, and in combination.

You're such a natural; I can tell you've done this before!

Stephani McGrath, Software Engineer at Pandora

Speaking on a stage

Past Engagements

Welcome to my speaking and facilitation journey.

NASA Earth Science in Pursuing Education. (July 2025)

Audience(s):  NASA

Platform(s): Google Meet

Goal: Consult various NASA proposals from the scientific community to solve a global challenge from a DEIB and systemic perspective.

How to Choose The Right Career Coach

Audience(s):  LinkedIn users, Sista Circle: Black Women in Tech.

Platform(s): StreamYard | LinkedIn Live, Zoom

Goal: Teach potential career coaching clients to choose a career coach worth investing in or what business to use their learning and development budget on. To keep career coaches grounded in ethics and integrity.

Trends in Tech DEIB, and AI

Audience(s):  Northeastern University Global Network Pathways

Platform(s): In person

Goal: Moderate and provide speaking coaching to a panel of women in tech who were new to speaking engagements to tell their stories while honoring confidentiality and the boundaries of their employers. Relate them to the audience of first-generation college students who want to enter the tech industry. 

Racy Conversations with Karen Fleshmen, How to Connect with BIPOC Women

Audience(s):  White women seeking ways to be better allys.

Platform(s):  StreamYard

Goal: To share a personal and professional perspective as to why and why not BIPOC women like myself have white women friends and when I choose not to for self-preservation.

The UX experience and with a DEIB lens

Audience(s):  UX + Design team at Doordash

Platform(s): Zoom

Goal: To teach why DEIB and UX are the same and how one can enhance the other with empathy and inclusive language.

Secure Your Coins and Your Conscience

Audience(s):  United Negro College Fund

Platform(s): Zoom

Goal: To motivate young black professionals to enter the tech industry while sustaining through bias, racism, mircoagressions in the workplace.

Real Talk with Dumas: Working Mother in Tech

Audience(s):  National audience

Platform(s): Podcast

Goal: To expose the sameness and difference in today's work world as a working mother within the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging space and as a non-profit founder at Diversity Community Group.

RedRice with Jaybyrd

Audience(s): Chamorro or those interested in learning about Chamorro experiences.

Platform(s): Podcast

Goal: To share the intersectionalities of multiple identities within the Chamorro community.

Dancing in The Street [While Black]

Audience(s): Sf, East Bay 

Platform(s): Live facilitation

Goal: To maintain peace and center Black voices.

George Floyd Alameda Protest

Audience(s): Sf, East Bay

Platform(s): Speaker

Goal: Motivate and encourage other parents to act against racism. 

Women in Tech:
Global Conference

Audience(s):  Women

Platform(s): Virtual

Goal: Teach how to build your career while keeping true to who you are.

Next Opportunity at Work

Audience(s):  University of California, Berkeley

Platform(s): In person

Goal: To empower and teach impactful networking at work.

Cross-Cultural Communication

Audience(s):  Google, Stratagem Conference

Platform(s): In-person and virtual

Goal: teach a condensed and impactful workshop on active, cross-cultural listening.

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