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Where you're the leader of our experience.

Do you have questions? Contact me so we get to know each other and decide if we're a good pair to pursue your needs.


Prune Your Purpose


Prune Your Purpose is about nurturing your ambitions, trimming away the unnecessary, and cultivating a career that evolves beautifully as you. My approach to coaching is about helping you find your balance between unwavering focus and the flexibility to adapt. You'll discover you'll have purposeful growth and transformation when we work together. 

We'll start slowly, and then with the help of my cafécito near by, we'll speed up to your desired pace.

Empowering YOU.

The First-Generation Career Professional and DEIB-Driven Executives!

I survived being a first-generation student; I want help and strive as a first-generation professional.

Early - Mid Career Professional


Explore the depth of career coaching with my personalized sessions. In our sessions, we delve into the nuanced aspects of career coaching, offering insights and guidance that surpass what a simple internet search can provide. Elevate your career journey with tailored strategies and a unique approach to meet your needs and aspirations. Although not comprehensive, here are some of my offerings.


  • I'll pinpoint your comfort zone and extract the most potential without burning you out.

  • Success will be achieved for all personality types, disabilites, neurodivergencies.

  • Master the art of authentic and strategic networking.

Hate it?


Need Results?

  • My systematic approach guarantees results.

  • Lay out sucess metrics to keep you focused.

  • Master the art of nurturing relationship across the world.


Need one?

  • Construct a robust pipeline of opportunities.

  • Maximize visibility by leveraging all available channels, including LinkedIn.

  • Ensure your resume stands out.

  • Approach interviews prepared and exit them with confidence.

  • Win at your new job with a personalized plan aka onboarding.


Hate it?

  • Discreetly and carefully support you in your job search while keeping the job your have ( for now 😉 ).


Something else?

  • Navigate workplace challenges and get through with relief. 


Want change?

  • Deeply dive into your complex thoughts and get to clear goals.

  • Successfully build an authentic and multidimensional personal brand.

  • Feel secure knowing you can pivot into something new.


Going back to work?

  • Develop arrangements to accommodate your new responsibilities, identity, or health needs

  • Identify supportive resources or communities for individuals in similar situations.

  • Lessen the overwhelm.


Are you an executive sponser?

  • Become a high-impact, empathic leader.

  • Be an excellent, ethically grounded executive sponsor.

  • You're ready to go beyond the workshops and take your DEIB leadership to the next level. 

Please book us to explore the challenges you're facing and how I can provide coaching that get's results.

Can I ask you my stupid white girl questions? I don't want to f*ck up.

Executive Sponser

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I wish I was there for you sooner–I'm sorry.

New Manager


…Katherine aims to instill life skills instead of providing temporary support. Katherine is well-rounded, humble, generous, and a pleasure to work with; I give her my highest recommendation.

Nazineen Kandahari, PreMed

Are you ready to prune your purpose?

When we first meet, we will discuss how we can work together. During this time, we'll discuss my background, the services I offer, and explore how we can collaborate to achieve your goals.

If you're asking yourself

I'm not sure?

What is career coaching?

Is it worth it?

This is for you.


Please note that while this session won't address specific problems, it's a valuable opportunity for us to connect and determine if there's a good fit for future collaboration. I encourage you to come prepared with any questions you may have about my expertise and how we can work together effectively. I look forward to our conversation!


I will help you get unstuck and feel motivated and joyful because you'll accomplish your goals!

This entry-level coaching package is for those who’ve had little amounts or no coaching and need help getting unstuck. You are self-motivated and need some clarity to get going.

  • 3 coaching sessions

  • Guaranteed movement with weekly sessions

  • Quick tips and tricks are available via text in between sessions. M - Th 10 am - 2 pm

  • Access to worksheets proven to yield results


I will help you build your roadmap and feel excited because you'll see your goals!

This is ideal for someone with a goal in mind but needs help boosting a plan into more of an ideal state of movement. You’re ready to set goals and milestones, and you’re focused.

  • 5 coaching sessions

  • Guaranteed results with 1-2 week sessions.

  • Quick tips and tricks are available via text in between sessions and a week after your last session. M-th

  • Email support and accountability check-ins.

  • Access to robust network.

  • Access to worksheets proven to yield results plus heartwork to see continuous wins.

  • Copy review: emails to employers, social media posts, DM messages, etc.


I will help you build or enhance your roadmap with lofty goals and make you feel unstoppable because you'll realize you can do more than you thought!

This is ideal for someone with several goals in mind. Some goals may be stagnant, some are in movement, and others have yet to be started. You need a robust roadmap and strategy to get to your goals.

  • Unlimited amount of bi-weekly sessions between now and March 31st for 30 days. 60 min max and 15 minutes min per session. 

  • Robust quick tips and tricks via text between sessions and a week after your last session. M-F, weekends. If I can, I’m answering :)

  • Access and warm introduction to a robust network.

  • Copy review and detailed feedback: emails to employers, social media posts, DM messages, etc.

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Working with Katherine has been transformative. She meets me as a senior tech executive at Google, entrepreneur of MotherAI, and mom of 3, guiding me to make decisions with logic without sacrificing my emotions. Katherine equips me with step-by-step instructions, allowing me to apply her coaching insights independently and immediately. Each session leaves me with clarity and motivation, as her questions inspire my own revelations. Katherine's coaching has fueled my executive and coach growth, making her an invaluable mentor in my leadership journey.

Stephanie LeBlanc-Godfrey, Executive | Entrepreneur

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