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Group Coaching.

Caffeinated Group Coaching is coming!
September through October 


Three Cohorts

Pin-pointing Your Dream Job Is A Lie; Pin-pointing a Dream Career Path Is The Truth

AUDIENCE: First-Generation Professionals Seeking Career Pivot

BRIEF: If you're seeking a career pivot, have you considered your motivations, plans, and strategies for successfully driving this change—whether it's better work-life balance, responding to a life-altering event, growing a family, getting a job, or pursuing a new direction?

You're The First, And We Will Not Finish Last

AUDIENCE: First-Generation Professionals in Tech* Facing Challenges:

BRIEF: Acknowledge the unique challenges of being a first-generation professional in the tech industry and provide a supportive community for growth and resilience.


*If you're in a different industry, please fill out the interest form and let me know. You never know 😉

The Executive Sponsor Circle allows you to ask anything and take everything needed to support your ERG/ BRG to its fullest potential.

AUDIENCE: Executive Sponsors of Employee Resource Groups (ERGS) or Business Resource Groups (BRGs): shifting from performative to impactful leadership.

BRIEF: A private platform for executives to gain insights, exchange experiences, and advance collectively. You’re not the only one asking, what's expected of an executive sponsor? And you want clear answers. We will discuss what to ask, say, and do during your first meetings with your ERGs / BRGs and during critical times. But I'm not [insert cultural identity here]; how can I support without creating harm or not knowing what my ERG/BRG are experiencing?

Stand-up Meeting

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

Michael Jordan

Why Group Coaching?

Did you know there's absolutely a vast amount of opportunity in group coaching?


You get more answers faster because your cohort will ask questions or provide ideas you might not have thought of. How? I will evoke stimulating conversation, community problem-solving, and resource sharing.


The difference between when I bring people together and when others do, is I help you forge genuine relationships. How? I will meet with every potential cohort member 1:1. Your time is valuable to me so I want to ensure every participant is a go-getter, community-centered, and enthusiastic to give back. No boring cohorts here. And the pressure to be social will not be on one person nor will one person take over the talking time.


Or your money back. My successful career groups have been positive since 2013, and I can guarantee you'll hit your goals. Why? I know how it is to decide what to invest in or not. I also know there are free groups available. I've joined them and heard about them. And I promise you, I will surprise you. Best yet, you will surprise yourself.


INVESTMENT: $1, 450 

🤔 Doing the math? Good for you! This is 35% off my original price point of $250/hour. The standard rate with a coach of my experience is typically $600+ per hour. And groups like this one can be up to 40k. Thanks for considering my family's financial needs while making your important investment decision.

Each virtual cohort will have:

  • 6x 1.5 hours sessions

  • 7 members in each cohort

  • Each member will be vetted for awesomeness

  • High impact worksheets

  • Guest speakers to address the needs of the group

  • 1, 1:1 session per member

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