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1 Tip to Make the Most of Attending Your Next Virtual Event

Some show up, and then there's you; you show up ready to share something.

1 Have your links ready

Most events will mention their organization's name, the speakers, and, through their promotional efforts, maybe resources. When you show up, have links to these and anything else useful to copy and paste into the chat feature or DM another attendee.

Attendees who don't have time to note or go looking for, for example, someone's name will and associated link will appreciate your efforts to help the collective.

Doing this small but impactful move shows your willingness to be helpful, and people are more open to connecting with you on LinkedIn or otherwise after the event. If you're already connected, you can have an excuse to say hello 👋🏾.

Not connected yet, but do you want to connect authentically on LinkedIn?

After acting on the above, go to their LinkedIn profile and go to MORE > CONNECT.

Then go to ADD NOTE. Always add a note.

Your note should include the following, and based on the situation above, I provide suggested copy:


Make it more engaging by adding a brief, positive comment or a relevant question to start the conversation.

Good morning from The Bay Area! I'm Katherine. (I tell the person I know we are in a global professional space without directly staying that, and I introduce my name even though they can clearly see it on my profile. This is how we engage face-to-face. People are comfortable with what they know).


Provide a concise and specific example of how you were helpful or how your connection was beneficial, making it easier for the recipient to remember you.

We're at the ABC Conference, and I let you know where we're at in the programming and gave you links provided by the hosts. I know how it can be when you can't make an event on time. I share where we met; I say we're in the conference at the same moment I'm sending this message. Why? Because we know they're online! I tell them what I did and I mention the name of the conference we're in so I and most importantly they remember where you two "met."

Value Proposition

Clearly articulate the value you can bring to the relationship or collaboration, focusing on what sets you apart and how you can help them achieve their goals.

What brought you to learn about ABC? I came because_____. Maybe we can swap notes or have a conversation about___? I stay curious and useful by having notes to give them and I'm ready to give more of my prespective via a conversation. Maybe record your experience on TikTok and share it with them later? You're winning if you share your TikTok and hot takes from the event with the event hosts!


Make your request or suggestion clear and easy to respond to, and consider offering something of value in return for their time and attention.

I plan to go 123 Workshop hosted by a new leader in this space. Here's the registration if you're interested in going. Maybe I'll see you there? Saying you want to build a relationship without using the word Network. The call to action isn't about you. It's about providing value for them. Plus, you already invited them to a conversation above. If you're Gen Z I'm flattered you're here! maybe add a TikTok or YouTube link relevant to the event. It's hard keeping up with everything. Help! 🥲

Politeness and Gratitude

End with a genuine appreciation for their time and consideration and invite them for future communication.

Thanks for sharing your appreciation on the chat (during the event). I can be shy, but I always strive to be useful. As a Black and Latina woman, it is tough to put yourself out there! Thank them or express gratitude for something. This is an easy one, and then add something true that might help you with whatever your other goals are. In this example, perhaps the person can be an ally.

Emojis: Use them. "73% think those who use emojis are friendlier and more approachable, and 50% say they're more likely to respond to a message if it contains an emoji." -Statistics on Emoji Use in Business Communication for 2023

😉 but don't use too many. It can be distracting and imply you're incapable of communicating with words, which is expected in the workplace.

Here's the message put together, and with the help of AI, I made it into 300 characters:

Good morning! I'm Katherine from The Bay Area. At the ABC Conference, I shared updates and links. What interested you in ABC? I'm here to learn about ____. Let's connect to share insights. I'm also attending the 123 Workshop; here's the registration. Maybe we'll see each other there? Thank you for engaging in the chat; as a Black and Latina woman, it's tough to put myself out there! 🥲

Bonus tip. I don't use the whole I saw on your LinkedIn profile that we went to the same school or something like that. Sure, you can, but why not use something you noticed in real time with them present? It's original and unique to your experience with them.

Want more tips on how to make every career move count? Book a free vibe check call to see if we can work together!

Your cafécito lover,


This piece is dedicated to Gen Z; you have all been through it! COVID, school, dating, learning how to communicate in person again. You also give me hope. The amount of dedication you have to seek the truth and holding companies accountable is beautiful. Thank you. Also, please consider opening a LinkedIn account. It's free 99, you don't need to build it out right away, and you can build a genuine presence on it. I can hold your hand through your glow up.

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