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Frequently asked questions.

What clients get pro bono services?

I will always give a certain % to those with dire or unique needs. I determine my decision based on my intuition and weigh that based on my paid client base at the time.


Examples include those who are homeless, on a work Visa under illegal acting leadership, first-generation, and in high school.​ I've been in tough positions many times before and am happy to have sacrificed and pivoted into investing in myself.


Paid clients support this business model by sustaining C3 financially. Without them, I wouldn't be able to keep giving. Thank you for your honesty and willingness to invest in yourself when others may not be able to.


Do you have a payment plan?

Although I like giving my clients as much as possible to have the best service possible, I do not offer this due to capacity. To create more access, I've included more payment options, including PayPal, which has excellent customer service and offers clients a payment plan through credit and is interest-free for six months.

\Here are options I've used to invest in myself and so have some of my clients:

  • Find a sponsor to support your career development;

  • Receive a gift card from friends or family;

  • Using your learning and development money from your current employer. [I provide support with this option if you choose to go this popular route.]

  • Cut back on financial splurges and invest in long-standing benefits.


What kind of questions have you gotten from executives?

  • How do I act on the diversity workshops I've attended?

  • How do I measure my impact when it comes to diversity work?

  • How do I avoid saying something wrong?

  • How do I tell people I'm an ally without saying I'm an ally?

  • What does it look like to be a good executive sponsor? 

  • I know we have a diversity problem, but I don't know what to do, and people won't listen. Can you help me?


  • How can I relate to someone who's BIPOC when I have privilege, I'm a white woman, and I'm in a position of power at work?

  • How can I share my power and be genuine?


Have you helped Employee Resource Groups?

Yes! Questions I've supported ERG leaders and members with are:

  • My role requires many program management skills that I don't use in my day-to-day job. Can you help me adjust?

  • I'm having difficulty getting ERG members to contribute; how can I change that?

  • I love helping my ERG but I need to make sure I do well on the job I'm paid for, how do I balance the two? How do I know helping my ERG is worth it?

  • Our ERG is tiny, how can we create big impact?


What do I need to know about the vibe check call?

  • This is a time for you to get to know me as your potential career coach.

  • You booked a vibe check call because you're ready or curious about investing in your career development. 

  • You never had a career coach before, and want to ensure we will work well together. --that your investment will be worth it.

  • You can ask me anything to clarify if I can help you achieve your goals.


What are the common things you've helped clients with?

  • Career pivot

    • People change their careers at least once in their lifetime. Reasons vary, all of which I will support you with:

      • you're curious about what else is out there;​

      • you hate what you do, and now you're getting depressed;

      • you want to make more money;

      • you want work-life balance.

  • Career growth

    • Maybe you're early in your career or more senior, but there's growth at every stage of our careers:

      • you just got a new job offer (congratulations!) and want to have a successful onboarding experience. According to Exploding Topics, "81% of new hires say they feel overwhelmed with information during the onboarding process." Working together can make that process easier.;

      • you're managing a team for the first time;

      • you became a new executive sponsor;

      • you just became a parent and are coming back from leave. Yeah, you are going through a career growth, a huge one. 

  • Entrepreneurship

    • Entrepreneurship shows up in 3 ways for a client:

      • as a side hustle;

      • as a full-time career move;

      • as an add-on to a full-time job.

  • Personal branding

    • We will define your personal brand and how to use it for your 9-5, confidence, networking, entrepreneurship, or a combination.

  • Resume review

    • ​Beyond a quick glance and advice, we will:

      • transform the work we do on your resume onto LinkedIn;

      • leverage it for impactful networking;

      • use it as an empowerment tool to build your confidence.

  • Networking

    • At C3, I teach you how to network that works, grows, and gives back as much as you do.

      • Does your network help you get opportunities? ​

      • Does your network give to you at any moment?

      • Have you gotten a job opportunity without a job description and solely on your network's strength?​​

        • Achieve networking at the highest vibration achieved with C3.​

  • Interviews

    • I'm afraid I have to disagree with the interview process, but I know how to navigate it and help you succeed. This support looks in various ways:​​preparation, anxiety management, follow-up, and endurance-enhancing techniques.

  • Negotiations

    • Negotiations with C3 include negotiating your money, boundaries, workload, and family needs. 

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